Welcome to Silver Falls

Choose your avatar, and start the game!

Improve your home by spending points (PinBucks) in the shop, while keeping track of the needs of your avatar.

Once your needs are met, an exit will appear, allowing you to move to the next room, a new job, and eventually, your next home.

Silver Falls is the latest game from Nick Baldridge, creator of Ranger In The Ruins, and his first collaboration with Sophia Baldridge

Start your new life in Silver Falls, today!


Major Features

Built to work exclusively with the incredible Heist playfield, Silver Falls offers the following features:

  • Each area in the game has unique challenges to conquer. Can you make it to the final scene and multiball?
  • Virtual targets can be hit to change interactive elements.
  • Hit the crane or the side targets to enable multiplier.
  • 24 different avatars, 3 different skin tones, and 6 different voices from which to choose.
  • Character option Character option Character option
  • Individual profile difficulty settings allow everyone to play at their preferred pace.
  • Enjoy the challenge of the standard difficulty or combine your skills with Team Play.
  • A unique chillhop soundtrack, a first for pinball, by Scott Danesi.

Start your new life in Silver Falls, today!